2015 Jaguar F-Type R coupé details

Following on our story from November announcing that Jaguar was going to make a hardtop version of the stunning F-Type convertible.  This car was originally previewed as the C-X16 concept car, by design heavyweight Ian Callum, at the  2011 Frankfurt motor show.  Fresh off lots of positive press, the convertible paved the way for the newly revealed coupé which was revealed at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.    Details on the F-Type coupé are now available on Jaguar’s website.  And it’s a hell of a cat, particularly the “R” model.

Rollin in my Five Point Oh
How does a supercharged 5 litre sound?  It sounds like this actually.  Specs?  Yes have some!  550 horsepowers and 502 feets of torque push the coupé to 60 mph in 4 seconds.  That’s fast, and probably a bit conservative.

And it’s not just a big engined straight-line beast, electronic active differential and a torque vectoring system have been added to help this svelte cat corner better too.

If You Build It…
The Jaguar configurator is online and my F-Type R features British Racing Green paint, the panoramic glass roof, carbon ceramic brakes with yellow monoblock calipers which reduces total unsprung weight by 46lbs.  They also feature a nifty new “pre-fill” system function that applies a slight brake pressure to all four calipers when the throttle is released, and before the brake pedal is pressed.  The carbon ceramic require forged 20-inch “Storm” wheels with a gloss black/diamond-turned finish.  Inside I added a gorgeous suede flat bottomed steering wheel.  Flat bottomed girls aren’t usually preferable, but this one pulls it off.  Anyway, here she is!

Jaguar F-Type R
Image: Jaguar.com

Jaguar won’t tell me what this beast will cost me, but the new F-Type coupé, built in Birmingham, UK will have a starting price of around $99,000, so expect a six figure sticker price if you add any options.  Now how many months can I finance that for?

Sources and Header Image: Jaguar.com

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