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Best of 2015

To say that 2015 was a big year for Right Foot Down is an understatement.  We had three times the site traffic of 2014, that’s what like a 300% increase?  I’m not good with math.  And it was all due to great writing and interesting stories.  Here are the top 10 Right Foot Down posts for 2015 in case you missed them.

First Mods on the 2015 Subaru WRX – Josh Taylor

One of the several requirements I had to take in to consideration when replacing my 2004 BMW M3 was what I called the “Break Neck Factor”. You know what I’m talking about. My M3 had it in spades. I couldn’t walk away from that car without looking back twice.  The 2015 Subaru WRX concept car broke every neck. All of them. Hospitals were filled. People were graving-out right there at their computer desks.   Continue Reading

2015 WRX in Garage
The Cannonball is Dead, Long Live the Cannonball – Andrew Fails

Few events in American car culture are as famous, or infamous, as the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash. The name itself is historically significant, yet resolutely tongue-in-cheek. For short, it’s known simply as the Cannonball. It is the epitome of the great American road trip. It has spawned other illegal events, multiple movies, and a seemingly infinite number of road rallies. But before the glamour and the parties, there was a single, simple idea.  Continue Reading

Cannonball Run

Porsche 996: The Black Sheep of the Family – Andrew Fails

A lot of vehicles get much more hate than they deserve. I’m not talking about the PT Cruisers and Corvairs of the world, although I have opinions regarding them as well. No, today I’m talking about the 996 generation of the Porsche 911. Porsche, as a company, tends to not change its ways without dutiful consideration.  Continue Reading

1999 Porsche Carrera 996

Things I Hate About the 2015 Subaru WRX – Josh Taylor

If you are an RFD regular you know I recently replaced my 2004 BMW M3 with a 2015 Subaru WRX Limited. It was difficult, but I followed Subaru’s 1000 mile break-in procedure which I completed in less than a week thanks to a 400 mile round trip to check out Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Fallingwater in Pennsylvania.  Continue Reading

2015 Subaru WRX in the Snow

Build Your Own Shelby GT350 – William Byrd

The new configurators are here, the new configurators are here!  And this one is extra special, it’s time to build your own Shelby GT350.  I’m so excited I can’t type straight.  Let’s get started.  First you are greeted by a choice of what Mustang you’d like to build.  And there it is, just sitting there, minding its own business amongst the plebeian Mustangs.   Continue Reading

Shelby GT350

Eight Things You Didn’t Know About the Bugatti Veyron – Matt Kirsch

The Bugatti Veyron is no more. Whether you loved it as a technological marvel or hated it as a passionless robot with equally passionless drivers (and popular opinion seems to be the latter), you cannot deny it as one of the most advanced cars ever made. Here are eight things you didn’t know about the Bugatti Veyron.   Continue Reading

bugatti cover

2015 HPDE Schedule – Josh Taylor

Be sure to rely on us for the most comprehensive list of track days and high performance driving events nation wide! If we missed any events, please head over to our Contact page and we’ll be sure to update our HPDE schedule. Have a fun and safe 2015 HPDE and track season!   Continue Reading

BMW F30 328i Lapping NJMP Thunderbolt at SCCA Track Night

Why Is Good Design So Damn Expensive? – William Byrd

This just in, supercars are expensive.  Hard hitting news, I know.  I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself.  But have you ever asked yourself why?  Well, exotic materials for one.  Carbon Fiber has gotten cheaper and easier to produce, but you won’t see it in the next Camry in the near term.  So that CF tub sitting underneath your uber-expensive supercar wasn’t cheap to produce.  Nor were the high end materials that make up its engine, suspension, and other internals that are stress tested for incredibly high horsepower, torque, speeds, G-forces, and temperature.  Continue Reading


The Time I Went to a Top Gear Episode Taping – William Byrd

Well, it’s official, Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked and will no longer be part of Top Gear.  Sad really, I’ve spent quite a few years of my life watching the boys cock about on BBC.  Here’s hoping the Netflix rumors are true and that Hammond and May go along with him.  Regardless, this “fracas” got me thinking about that time I went to see a taping of Top Gear.  No, not that version, the USA version.  Actually, not even that version, the NBC version that never aired.  Do I have your attention now?   Continue Reading

NBC Top Gear USA Pilot

My Torrid Affair With A BMW E30 Track Car – Andrew Fails

My first reaction upon experiencing a full throttle pull from the passenger seat was to mutter, “fucking hell…”, and then burst out laughing.  I recently waxed poetically, or neurotically, about the purity of sensation. I spoke about sensation being a more prized trait than outright speed. That school of thought is what lead me to motorcycles and Mini Coopers. I used to tell everyone that the Cooper S drove like a go kart. I no longer think that. After crawling out of the BMW E30 track car built by Kingston Zellich, my little Mini feels as floaty as a Cadillac Deville. And I do mean crawling. Roll cages, plus six point harnesses, plus fixed bucket seats call for some contorting to extricate yourself.  Continue Reading

BMW E30 track car
Thank You

You all, the readers and viewers, are why we are here doing what we do.  Our goal is not to regurgitate the latest automotive news, but bring you new and interesting stories and tell you what a car feels like to drive, not just the specs.  So stay tuned to RFD for even more in 2016.  Expect more original videos on our YouTube channel, and cool stuff on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds!  We are off to Detroit in a couple of weeks to bring you coverage of the North American International Auto Show so keep an eye out for real time coverage.


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