Memories: Aryton Senna at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix

This photo taken at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix says so much about Formula One in the 80’s. Heavy rains made the streets of Monaco treacherous. Many drivers struggled while rookie Aryton Senna showcased his wet weather driving skills. The 1984 Monaco Grand Prix proved to be one of the most contentious races in all of Formula One history.

Aryton Senna was laying down staggering lap times. Nearly four seconds quicker per lap than the race leader Alain Prost. Officials waved the red flag on lap 32 to end the race early due to heavy rain, just moments after Aryton Senna passed race leader, Alain Prost. According to the rules, the winner would be the leader of the previously finished lap. Aryton Senna was awarded 2nd place in the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix and his first podium finish in Formula One.

Should we start ‘Memories Monday’? I’ll admit, I found this photo of Aryton Senna on a Jalopnik post and thought it was too awesome not to share.

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  1. Where was the top picture taken? Never seen Monaco from that angle before….I assumed it was the entrance to the tunnel but not too sure..

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