2015 Mustang by TruFiber

TruFiber 2015 Ford Mustang

The tuner car world is filled with a lot of wild and wonderful things.  Like widebodied Ferraris.  But what if your budget is more modest?  Well an American tuner called TruFiber (TruCarbon if you’re looking to go even lighter) is showcasing some new bits for the 2015 Mustang.  Not sure you can afford the new GT350, or want to add a unique look to your new GT?  Take a look at their new carbon fiber rear spoiler.  It is highlighted here on this project car featuring a brilliant blue paint job, gorgeous black wheels, a lowered suspension, and some sort of brake job.  The real gem is the ducktail carbon fiber spoiler.  At $649, it’s not free, but not a bad price to pay to add some lightweight character to your new Ford pony car.

TruFiber 2015 Ford Mustang TruFiber 2015 Ford Mustang TruFiber 2015 Ford Mustang TruFiber 2015 Ford Mustang


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