Coverage: Mischief’s Mid-Atlantic Mega Meet 2013

For years now the Mid-Atlantic Mega Meet has been, in my eyes at least, the standout of all shows in the region. The show was scheduled to begin at noon and as we rolled in at 12:15 the parking lots were packed full. Police had the roads shut down and were keeping things orderly. This year was looking as promising as hoped. There were food trucks providing fuel for spectators and vendors lining the curb to show off their products. A DJ booth was setup in the middle of the mix and there was even a dyno tuning station available for those interested in proving their ride has the ponies to back up the bark.

Ferrari F430
The first couple rows were home to exotics and many of the higher end machines. Here was have a beautiful Ferrari F430 with color matched wheels.

white E46 M3
And a bit further down with a great end spot was this E46 M3 sporting the Motorsport flag colors and showing off the CSL carbon intake. If you haven’t heard a CSL engine at full throttle you are really missing out. The induction noise is something out of this world.

Nissan Silvia S15
Nissan did a marvelous job when they redesigned the Silvia for the S15 chassis. It’s a shame that the car never made it to North America because I’m sure it would have sold well. Personally, I love this grey color and the simple 5 spoke dished wheels work well with the sharp lines of this generation Silvia.

teal Subaru WRX wagon
Now we begin to make our way through the aisles and what do I see!? An aqua-matte Subaru WRX wagon? Whatever the name of the color found myself staring. Maybe its the white Work Emotion wheels in just the right offset. Would have been 10/10 if that hood was painted.

black Saab 9-3
Maybe this Saab 9-3 in murdered apparel doesn’t really scream look at me but it could in the right shade of metallic flake. I ask myself why these cars are not more sought after. Maybe Sean can chime in. Think about it — they come with a manual transmission and a turbo that provides plenty of grunt and you can find them cheap! Whoever’s car this is — we fuckin applaud you.

Blue Civic Si
Nicely done up turbo Civic on Enkei RPF-1’s. I gotta tell you its difficult to get pumped for a Civic after that Saab tease.

supercharged Civic Si
The bronze finished wheels work well on this red Civic sedan and a supercharger is probably just what was needed for this to become a great all around daily driver. But you could have had a Saab turbo…

Nissan 350Z
The 350Z is a great sports car but I feel the pre-07 models were lacking a bit of power. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a turbo, right? Then add a Nismo front bumper and some Work wheels, delicious.

Cobra R
1995 was the last year of Ford’s pushrod 5.0 powered Mustangs. That year Ford released a limited run of the Cobra R — a stripped down Mustang with a 300 horsepower 351 cubic inch engine that was designed to turn corners, even with that wonderful 4-link rear suspension design. The Cobra R was only available in white so this was not one of them but the styling is there. I didn’t take a peak at the redline on the gauge cluster so who knows if this is a 5.0L or the DOHC 4.6L.

E46 on red RDs
Another great car is the E46 M3 and you can get it in convertible flavor! The Racing Dynamics wheels look great and are so fitting for the E46 M3 but I’m not sure how I feel about them in red flavor. Definitely grabs attention.

Mercedes AMG
Here we go. Anything with an AMG badge is sure to twist pavement — and necks. I also hear this car is great for power sliding through intersections.

black E46 M Work Meisters
It seems like the Work Meister wheels work on just about any car. I’ve seen this E46 M3 a lot lately and I can’t help but slobber every time we cross paths.

Tubbed? Check. V8? Check. Turbo? Check. Hood?

Modest S2000 and Evolution
Modestly modified Honda S2000 and Mitsubishi Evolution. Both cars managed to draw a crowd. Unless they are on airbags I’m not sure how they manage to drive around that low but I like it.

Mitsubishi Evolution
Fine. I admit it. I can’t tell the difference between the older Evolutions. All I can tell you is that it’s probably 4G63 powered and rocking what appear to be generation 7 or 8 wheels. Anyone have more information on this car?

Subaru BRZ
Just another Subaru BRZ. Wait. Hold on a minute. Brembo calipers, Prodrive wheels, STi aero bits everywhere? Now THIS is a sweet BRZ!

VIP Lexus IS300
The Lexus IS300 in sportcross version (wagon for the rest of you) with some VIP style.

Pair of Nissan Skylines
Oh, those next to the Lexus? Just a couple Skylines.

Integra Type-R
Maybe the greatest front-wheel-drive sports coupe of all time? It’s definitely a contender in my book. I love the period correct styling with the large Autometer tack mounted on the dash.

Wouldn’t be a show without some old Mopar power.

Honda Fit
Is that an engine swap or just a red valve cover? Word is that the Honda Fit is another fun car to thrash. I bet the owner of this car is all smiles. Even the car is smiling.

Honda Civic hatch
If the owner of this car was around I may have talked his ear off. I’m a fan of what he’s done. I wonder if it’s seen track time?

VW bug
California, here I come. Don’t care who you are, this is just cool.

Mike's Mitsubishi Evolution IX
This is Mike’s Mitsubishi Evolution IX and if I had an Evo it would probably be twins. Mike was great to talk to and shared quite a bit of information about the car. It has an FP Green turbo producing 480 horsepower to the ground. With the power lost through the drivetrain that’s like 560 horsepower at the crank out of a 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder. To make use of all that power Mike added Ohlins suspension and sticky tires mounted on Volk RE30’s. Love it, Mike!

Mazda RX-7 FD
Just as our conversation ended I spotted this blue Mazda RX-7. Looks like others noticed it too. These cars are becoming more and more scarce as the years go by so I love seeing these on the roads. Unlike the engine, the body has lines that may never die.

turbo S2000
There were quite a few turbo Honda S2000s on hand at this show. Enough that I probably could have made an entire article showcasing all of the different setups. This however was probably my favorite.

Honda S2000 Full-Race turbo
This turbo setup was fabricated by Full-Race. Premium choice.

I’m thinking that the BMW 1M doesn’t look as aggressive in all black but the remote damper reservoirs indicate that this car is all business.

Ford Mustang turbo
Erik (or is it with a C?) has built this marvelous FOX Mustang. For those who don’t know, Ford produced performance model in the 80’s with a turbo 4 cylinder dubbed the SVO. It really was a great engine for the car but didn’t seem to catch on. Now Erik’s isn’t an SVO, it’s actually an 89 chassis with a turbo engine from the Ford Thunderbird that has the larger SVO turbo swap.

The body has been keep looking factory fresh. A set of Maximum Motorsports coilovers provide the perfect stance on Speedline inspired wheels that were common on Saleen Mustangs of the early 90’s. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this car. Erik please keep us updated!

Nissan Skyline
Around the corner I spotted yet another R33 Skyline but this one has something different about it. The front bumper and splitter follow lines that flow all the way to the rear deck spoiler. So fluid! Anybody have some information on this R33? Would love to hear about it.

Celica not a Alltrak
I can’t help but think of the old Sega Rally video game every time I see one of these cars. The Toyota Celica All-trak was another great performance coupe that never made it to the States. Too a bad this wasn’t a real one. I’d paint that thing white and add the green and red Castrol livery!

Subaru STi GR
Are those Work XD9’s? Looking good! The STi hatch is one of those cars that I think looks fantastic in real life but is difficult to photograph well.

Integra GS-R
Being a previous DC2 owner I have fond memories of these cars. I noticed an Edelbrock intake manifold which indicates a serious naturally aspirated build. Would love to chat with the owner.

Ford Fusion
Yes. This is a Ford Fusion and it appears to be only partially finished however I like what’s going on here. Needs some matching side skirts.

This kid couldn’t get enough of this green Volkswagen. I’m told that there’s actually a turbo diesel lurking under the hood and that somehow the owner managed to fit a muffler in there too! Crazy cool!

Honda CRX SiR
As we neared the far end of those show we stumbled upon a gem — the Honda CRX SiR! Another car that would surely make the “Best of FWDs” list. This car looked like it rolled off the showroom floor.

red Acura NSX on Enkei RPF-1 wheels
Vendors lined the sidewalks and as we trekked back for one last walk through I spotted this NSX on white Enkei RPF-1 wheels receiving quite a lot of attention as it should. May pop-up headlights live forever!

guy on scooter next to Corvette
You know, the great thing about events like the Mega Meet is that it attracts enthusiasts of everything automotive related. People from states away made the journey for this show and I’m sure they were not disappointed. I wasn’t.

Have something to add? Did we goof up? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. If you were at the show please let us know what you thought of the event.

  1. Many thanks for the picture of my evo sir! you have an awesome site! Keep doing what your doing! many thanks again! Michael…

  2. The white “Evo” is actually a Mirage body transformed to a Evo if I remember correctly. He was 4G63 swapped though. My RS is next to him made it in another background shot lol.

  3. If that’s a VA plate on the white BRZ then those aren’t Brembo calipers, but actually 06-07 WRX calipers.

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