Coverage: HyperFest 2013 Part 2

HyperFest 2013 had so much going on that we had to make two posts. You can find part 1 of our HyperFest 2013 coverage here if you missed it. Part 2 of our coverage begins in the late afternoon. It’s 5PM and the last two groups of High Performance Driving Education sessions are on track.

The cars in this session were entertaining to watch. There was a dog left lifting Neon and a super quick Caterham

And beautiful BMW M cars.

And Corvettes

And more Corvettes

And an Evo. Actually there were two Mitsubishi Evolutions.

And when is an accident no accident? During the roll-over contest. This Dodge Challenger flipped end over end and sky high to take the win. Luckily the driver walked away in one piece. The car was then pushed over to the middle of the infield for all to see the carnage that remained.

Then came the motorcycle stunt riders. Why has this man’s pants fell off and where are his shoes?

It was all part of the finale where he jumped over the handlebars while parking the bike on the kickstand. I’m not the biggest fan of motorcycle stunts but that was cool.

With the sun making its way out of town, Vaughn Gitten JR took a few minutes to destroy a set of tires to mark the beginning of the US Drift Finals.

And destroy them he did. The crowd loved it!

The main drift event of HyperFest was now underway.

Round after round the top 16 was slowly trimmed as competitors were eliminated.

The sun was getting lower in the sky and the action was just heating up on the track.

Soon the infield was filled with a fog of tire smoke.

And of course it wouldn’t be a drift event with a little exchange of paint and flared tempers. The LS2 powered Sikky 350Z broke the front suspension during the hit and was towed off of the track.

There was no stopping the sun from setting.

And there was no stopping the action.

To everyone’s surprise there was also no stopping the damaged Sikky 350Z. The Sikky team repaired the 350Z in what seemed to be a matter of minutes and got it back on track to finish not only in the top 3, but to take the overal win!

And the top 3 finishers celebrated their performance by sharing bottles of champagne.

And to cap off HyperFest 2013 and this US Drift event with a group photo.

HyperFest always promises to be a good time and 2013 was no disappointment. I speak for everyone when we say that we’re looking forward to next year!


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