Coverage: Kent Island Meet and Cruise

A friend of mine told me about a car meet a little over an hour from home in northern Virginia that was to be held under a bridge near the Chesapeake Bay. Sounded cool enough to me and there was promise of some high powered turbo Viper making an appearance so I figured I’d make a day of it.

I’ve been seeing this Scion FRS a lot lately. It’s lowered on airbags and the stance isn’t too shabby. The blue wheels may not be for everyone but I can dig it.

Sean said it while I was shooting this car and I think I agree. We predict a teal comeback.

Way to rep Maryland. Check out the center caps.

Ever since I saw that video of the turbo wagon hauling ass around in the dirt…

Not sure what body kit is on this Evolution but it’s definitely a statement.

Another CRX. The french lighting, roof rack and matching gold wheels flow so well.

Yes please. There were a few details I just wasn’t feeling but overall the Forester is a pretty cool when sitting right. I’d drive the fuel out of it.

Would you drive that Forester? Huh? Yes you would! Yes you would!

This E46 sedan had the works. GTR styling, riding on BBS’s, unusable rear seats with the roll bar. Damn. Not sure if it was a 323i, 325i, 328i, or 330i but I’m sure it’s a hoot to drive and no doubt turns some noggins.

White cars tend to be cleanest. White on white with some polished lipness — even cleaner. What a beautiful day for a drop top at 9,000 RPMs.

Cobra or GT? I’m thinking GT with Cobra front bumper. Think there’s something under that hood that requires the clearance? Mustangs have always been a mystery.

Making my rounds through the aisles when I found this Subaru. I was doing the photographer stance when, unbeknownst to me, the owner was kindly waiting for me to take my photo and move along. Haha. I wasn’t finished framing my shot but I got one after they jumped in to leave. Nice car man!

So long!

And then a silver Porsche 997 GT3 rolled in…

And proceeded to find a spot next to another. These cars must be rare.

It was about this time that people started to beat feet and roll out. It was beginning to get chilly and rain clouds were on the way in so we decided to follow suit.

Final thoughts… weather wasn’t the greatest which no doubt played a role in attendance but overall the meet was cool. The crowds didn’t look to intermingle too much so I’m thinking more of a focus on a social atmosphere would help to improve the feel of meets to come. Too bad we left when we did as I hear we missed the turbo Viper and some other interesting rides. Looking forward to the next one.

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  1. well, that makes 3 GT3s i’ve seen recently. my parents’ neighbor has one…he drives it daily. wheee money.

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