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It’s that time of year again, you can keep your namby pamby Consumer Electronics Show, we’re getting in a damn car crossover and driving to Detroit this weekend for the 2017 North American International Auto Show.  That’s right, your intrepid team of Right Foot Downers are getting in to a good ole American Korean V8 V6 and road tripping our way 500 miles from DC to Detroit.  Well, three of us are driving, except for that pussy Fails who hates cars (but loves motorcycles) and is flying in an aeroplane out of Kansas City.

Porsche 911

Believe it or not, this is only our second year covering the NAIAS, so we’re still a bit slackjawed by the sheer scale of the show.  Last year we had a difficult time covering such an expansive event with just myself and Mike Thompson on hand.  This year it’s going to be yours truly, Mikey, the aforementioned Fails, and even RFD owner, founder, and BMW enthusiast Josh Taylor.  We’ll be commuting in something that is a bit of a nemesis of mine, the Kia Sorento.  You see, the crossover was my very first press car.

And I backed it into a fucking wall.

So this is one of redemption for me, ideally I can help steer the well equipped Kia through what last year was a snow covered mess to our temporary Airbnb home in downtown Detroit.  Stay tuned to our social media to see how it goes and queue up the Gangnam Style.  Eh, sexy lady 오-오-오-오 오빤 강남스타일

2016 Toyota 4-Runner Limited

Day one last year (Monday) was a whirlwind, and even included bonus day one (Sunday) where the new Buick Avista was revealed offsite in a tent.  A very nice tent with food served on small plates and booze.  Actual day one was filled with jogging from press conference to press conference.  It was exhausting, but I think we did a pretty admirable job of bringing you, our intrepid reader, some cool shit.

Day two was totally different, we skipped the press junkets and focused on the more interesting stuff.  Free food and booze.  Oh, and bringing you something you don’t see everywhere else.  Like interviews with the guys who designed the brand new M2, the ridiculous Hellcat duo, and the awesome Mazda Speedster.

Buick Avista Concept

I say all that not just to brag about our first trip to Detroit, but also to remind you all of what’s coming next week.  More of the same…but with an extra level of irreverence since Fails is coming.   Also expect a huge leap forward with regard to photography, and the same rock solid video reviews and interviews as last time.  We’ll be bringing you updates from the show live on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep your eyes peeled for hashtags #NAIAS #NAIAS2017, #RFDwashere, and #RFDNAIAS2017.

Something you want to see?  Someone you want interviewed?  Drop us a line and we’ll make it happen.

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