Coverage: HyperFest 2013 Part 1


Every summer for the past 13 years Summit Point has hosted a motorsports event where action can be found on five different race tracks, all in one location. I’m talking about HyperFest. There’s auto racing, drifting, car show competitions, high performance driving education, 24 Hours of LeMons, go karting, muddy rally driving, live music, and a competition for Daisy Duke look-a-likes.


The morning hours were full of HPDE sessions on Summit Point’s Main Circuit. Spectators can see the cars coming down the ‘chute in to the carousel.


Out of turn 6…


And through turns 7-8….


…and up the hill out of sight.


Of course if you were to take a walk up the hill you could watch the cars roar out of turn 10 and down the long front straight. I have a soft spot for well sorted and track worthy SN95 Mustangs.


Just before noon it was time for US Drift Pro Am practice.


This Nissan 350Z was a fan favorite.


And if you wanted to experience the thrill of traveling sideways you could sign up for a ride along in this Infiniti sedan. No doubt that car is filled with nothing but helmets and smiles. Talk about the family outing!

Then it was time to walk through the vendor area and over to the car show.

This local Nissan GTR turned quite a few heads.

And how about this Cadillac CTS. It sure got my attention with that stance! Those sharp angled wheels are perfect for the lines of the CTS. What do you think?

But nothing gets me going like a purpose built performance machine.

This wicked Subaru STi was nothing short of serious business.

HyperFest is non-stop action so you’ve gotta keep your eyes open. The first NASA race in the afternoon was Lightning Group which featured Honda Challenge and Spec Mazda Miatas.


Then Autobahn with German masterpieces.

Followed by the Thunder Group.

The Shenandoah Circuit is just a short walk away. Here you can watch the action of the 24 Hours of LeMons, a 24 hour endurance race for cars built on a budget. Yes, that’s an amphibian.

We’re only half way through the day. More to come soon so watch out for Part 2 of our coverage!

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