Coverage: Nu Conceptz Car Show

Admittedly the whole stanced and hella flush movement hasn’t really been my thing and that’s exactly what I had in mind when I heard of the Nu Conceptz car show that was being held at Velocity 5 in sunny Centreville, Virginia. Maybe it was the spelling of the event name that did it. The lot was full when I arrived at 1. Whipped out the Nikon and began to check out the lot.

Walking from the back of the busy parking lot I spotted a set of my favorite wheels, Enkei RPF-1’s in 9″ width variant, fitted to this track ready Acura RSX-S. The owner had fitted Tein SS suspension and fully adjustable suspension bits. The engine has an interesting carbon fiber intake box that I’m told pressurizes the intake tract for added throttle response. I’m sure it sounds amazing wide open.

Let’s go back in time. It was a blast to drive then and I’m sure nothing has changed.

The FRS and BRZ has made waves the past year. I’m surprised there were not more in attendance today.

I didn’t get to speak to the owner of this Supra but it looks fantastic in blue. Something tells me its sporting a large single turbo.

Did the Nissan Skyline GT ever come in this color? The gold Volk SF-Challenge wheels are a nice touch to the metallic paint job.

Speaking of Japanese supercars of the 90’s how about this gorgeous silver Acura NSX. It is an early model 3.0L 5-speed with the NA2 front end conversion. The XD7 wheels are a great touch.

Another NSX and this one is fitted with Work Meisters. Now I really miss mine.

Look at this transition. Work Meisters look right on just about anything — including Euro models such as this E46 M3

When’s the last time you saw a red STi? Me neither but I like it. A lot!

Just about every car at the show is on a set of something aftermarket. This GTO looks great with a drop and VMR brand CSL inspired wheels.

Check out the rear valence and aero work on this E36 M3! Look at that lightweight wing!

The factory “Style 5” wheels from the E39 5-series have been trending hard lately. Look at them! LOOK AT THEM!

Rotary row. Digging the RX-8 but I’ll take that RX-7!

Love seeing the FD Mazda RX-7’s. This one sounded like it was putting down a health amount of power on the dyno.

All in all the showing was great. The parking lot which spanned across 3 different restaurants was at full capacity and cars were parked around the corner. The music was loud and the people were cool. Cars and trucks of all forms could be seen and all were there with a common interest that makes events like these great. I’m looking forward to more Nu Conceptz shows. Great event guys!

  1. That would be awesome josh, I’d like that alot for sure. Email when ever. Im always down.

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