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Gears and Gasoline

One of my favorite up and coming YouTube channels is Gears and Gasoline. Ike sits down with Ben and Ben, who make awesome videos about tuner cars, and recently started doing features on other prominent YouTubers, such as Mr. Regular and Do It With Dan (yes, they ride motorcycles too). They discuss how Gears and Gasoline started, people who have influenced them, the importance of people and good storytelling over just showing off cool cars (and motorcycles), and the shooting to editing ratio you might not expect. They also talk about how they find cars and people to feature on the channel and people they would like to feature in the future. We hear about their car histories, their favorite and least favorite cars on sale right now, and how Ben (a Subaru owner) and Ben (a Mitsubishi owner) haven’t already suffered mutual assured destruction, and how they managed to make Ocean City, MD actually look good.

(Apologies for the delay on this one. I was away on my honeymoon. I’m a big Gears & Gasoline fan myself, and wanted to make sure this one got posted here!)


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