The Honda Ridgeline Doesn’t Care About the Other Trucks

The thing is, Honda isn’t trying to steal sales from the truck world with its Pilot-faced utility pickup. Instead, it’s trying to carve up a niche market that it believes, is gaining more and more traction here in North America.   And in a sense, Honda isn’t entirely wrong. Take a look at crossover sales lately.  Like it or not, even if most modern so-called utility vehicles are essentially lifted cars with all-wheel drive systems, crossovers seem to be what the general population is asking for. And since most people don’t need a 10 000 lb towing capacity, the idea of a crossover capable of hauling around some rocks and dirtbikes, while pulling that camper up North to the lake is, let’s face it, rather interesting.

Honda Ridgeline

But what impressed me the most about the Ridgeline during the week I had it wasn’t its ability to accomplish midsize truck duties without a sweat, but rather how it drove. Not only is the Ridgeline Accord smooth and quiet, it’s freakin fun to drive – something you’d never find yourself saying about any body-on-frame truck.  This thing is oozing with Honda ingenuity.

Go read my full review of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline and let me know what you think of this little trucklet.


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