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Will Clavey

The Untitled Car Show crosses the border to speak with Will Clavey, who writes about cars at Clavey’s CornerOppositelock, and here at Right Foot Down, exiting cars like a BAMF. We hear about his project that came before Clavey’s Corner, why he got sick of and gave up on automotive journalism, and why he gave it a second try with his current site. He discusses how his day job as a technical writer lends itself well to reviewing cars (I agree, being a technical writer myself). We hear a bit about his car history, including a Honda Civic SiR that we couldn’t get in the States, and how he flipped his Daewoo at 140km/h (that’s “I didn’t know a Daewoo could go that fast” MPH for us Americans). Finally, they discuss the Montreal car culture, dicey JDM shops, poutine (my favorite delicacy from Quebec), Will’s high speed car porn addiction, and why a sex addict shouldn’t be a gynecologist.

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