Spotlight: IND Distribution created BMW E90 M3

For most of us, building our dream car takes years. It’s a never ending project that consumes our thoughts, our weekends and our wallets. Then there’s Martin, a man who’s owned many a performance car in his time and wanted a shop to make his dream a reality in no time flat. IND Distribution was just the shop to build a trendless ass kicker.

I feel the car was designed by someone with Japanese influences. From the red Volk wheels to the Varis wing.

The forged 18″ Volk TE37 wheels are a perfect match for this JDM inspired M3. The Falken RT615K tires are 275’s up front and 315’s in the rear. A set of Brembo GT-R brakes slows this ride down as fast as those sticky tires can handle.

Under the hood is an ESS supercharger, capable of extracting 700 horsepower from the already mighty BMW V8.

The exhaust system is made by Kreissieg. The name may sound German but I assure you it’s a Japanese manufacturer. The mammoth tips of the exhaust peek through a Varis carbon fiber diffuser that has been mated with the rear bumper.

Further influences from the land of the rising sun can be found inside the car. Behold a paid of Bride Gias seats paired together with a Nardi alcantara wrapped steering wheel. The red rollcage that has been painted Porsche Guard Red to match the Volk wheels.

A trifecta of Defi gauges are mounted low profile in front the high rise delrin shift knob.

Custom paint job?

Nothing like a well built machine that gets driven year round.

See more pictures and information here –


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