You be The Judge

This gnarly Pontiac GTO is another reason why I can’t get enough of Theo Civitello’s work. Dubbed ‘The Judge’, this performance trim of the Pontiac GTO was named after a comedy routine performed by Sammy Davis Jr however this Judge was no laughing matter.

The Judge was initially conceived to be a stripped down budget model however after the finally trimmings it turned out to be the ultimate street machine and came at a premium of a couple hundred dollars more. Hah!

The $332 premium for The Judge included the Ram Air III engine, Rally II wheels, Hurst shifter, wider tires, and a rear spoiler. Pontiac claimed the rear spoiler was functional but was of little value at legal speeds.

The Judge was offered from 1969 to 1971. The best way to determine if the car is authentic is to locate one of the original build sheets which were rumored to be placed in various locations. Check under the back seat, under the dash, and even under the carpet but chances are that it’s gone.

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