If I were president…

Being President of the United States of America. Its something we’ve all dreamed about at one time or another. The ability to veto bills you don’t like, fly on a 747 that doubles as a command center, and use the “Executive Order” for one thing or another. To have that kind of power! Responsibility pshhh… the things we would love to do.

Even with all the interesting circuits we have in the US, its a much longer, winding place in Germany that fascinates me and many others. I have long loved the Nurburgring and have equally wondered why we couldn’t have such a place here in the good ole’ US of A. The Germans have such an awesome thing (and sadly its in jeopardy from bad investing). We should have our own version. Environmentalists, lawyers, and cry-baby citizens are probably the reason why such a thing doesn’t exist. They have noise regulations near airports because people who moved into houses nearby after the airport took residence complain of jet noise (give me your house, I LOVE jet noise!). Paving a track trough a part of the wilderness might affect a type of poison ivy. The idea of building the dream is pretty much still-born. I’m not sure I could use an executive order for that. There is an alternative though.

Why build something we already pretty-much have?.. What we’ve had for years. Decades. The environment has already been destroyed, the lawyers will only hassle you half as much and it will benefit our highway system. That’s right! BELTWAYS! The first part of my executive order would be to start off by freshly paving the road surface and making all the needed repairs to bridges using more money borrowed from other countries. Secondly I would order all beltways shut down and citizens to take the day off to stay off the highways…unless… you own a race car! For a fee you could take to the beltway to race your car around for mile after mile! There could be a sponsored event on the first or second day with the private racing the other day. People might even be able to watch from their property. Those who don’t like the noise would be told to shut-up by my order. After everything is said and done and the annual race weekend is over, we’d be free to continue our daily use of the beltways. We’d be able to drive the roads and not have to worry nearly as much about shitty paving or potholes. Bridges wouldn’t be crumbling. All the cars off the road would please the all the Al Gores.

Sadly this isn’t even remotely realistic. The loss of transportation dependent revenue even on a Sunday would be enormous. Families go on vacations on weekends. There is an endless amount of reasons why it would and probably should be nothing more than a dream. It gets you thinking though. Going back to building a Nurburgring here in the US. I don’t think its such a bad idea actually.


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