Don’t Miss Out on the Class Action Lawsuit Against BMW for N20 and N26 Engine Failures

BMW N20 N26 Engine Stripped

I no longer own my 2012 BMW 328i but I must be registered somewhere as I’ve just received papers in the mail with a deadline to file for reimbursement as a result of a class action lawsuit against BMW. The lawsuit alleges that the N20 and N26 engines had defective timing chain and oil pump drive chain modules that could lead to sudden engine failure. BMW of North America denies these allegations and stands behind and supports its product.

Funny. I wrote an article on this very subject back when my 328i was in BMW’s shop for months. As it was there, their lead tech informed me of the issues with the N20 and N26 timing chain components, showed me what to listen for, and told me they replaced mine with newer, redesigned parts, just to be safe. You can read that article here, if you fancy.

So. If you were unlucky enough to have an N20 or N26 engine failure related to the timing chain and want to get in on the reimbursement, sounds like you better do it soon. According to the letters I received, you call 866-411-6985 or visit

BMW N20 N26 Timing Chain Close Up

Many of you don’t know the engine code. That’s more than fair. Below are the vehicles impacted. Basically, any model that came with their 4 cylinder turbo engine.

Model DescriptionModel Years
X1 SAV2012-2015
X3 SAV2013-2015
X4 SAV2015
228i Coupe or Convertible2014-2015
320i Sedan2012-2015
328i Sedan, Sports Wagon, Gran Turismo2012-2015
428i Coupe, Convertible, Gran Coupe2014-2015
528i Sedan2012-2015
BMW Models and Years impacted by the class action lawsuit over N20 and N26 engine timing chain and oil drive failures

The production years listed support the fix I described back in July of 2015 after speaking with a lead BMW technician at BMW of Fairfax in Virginia.

As for the reimbursement amount, the caps look to be $3,000 for the replacement of the timing chain or oil pump drive chain module, and up to $7,500 for the engine. Unfortunately, doesn’t look like there is any reimbursement offered to those who have had failures in engines over 100,000 miles or 8 years in service, whichever came first.

Good luck!

  1. I have purchased my bmw never knew there were any lawsuits and therefore I’ve had my car car 2yrs and I have paper work last year of the engine problem I m stuck with a used vehicle putting oil in the car with a car payment with a problem Thts not my fault!

  2. My car is at the dealer with this very issue now. $6000 job. My car is a 2016 328 ix — but it was manufactured in 2015. They are supposed to be checking into it to see if it can be covered. It’s well past this lawsuit deadline. I’m not holding my breath. This is my 3rd BMW and it will be my LAST. So angry right now!

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