The 2017 Buick LaCrosse is the American Full-Size Sedan We’re Not Buying

Get lost with your Cadillac. It tries too hard to be German. Get a Buick instead – the most American car nobody’s buying.

Buick is a sad story here in North America. It’s squeezed between Chevrolet and Cadillac as a semi-luxurious carmaker made up of a GM parts-bin. It also exists for the Chinese market. Apparently the Chinese buy Buicks by the truckloads. That’s why GM is still trying with this brand. Depressing.

Did you know Buick is ranked among the top three most reliable car brands according to Consumer Reports? No joke. They also design beautiful autos. Have you seen the Avista concept?  It’s too bad no one gives a shit. While I’d never thought I’d say this about a Buick, I must say, this new LaCrosse really impressed me,  much more so than the god-awful Infiniti QX30 I had during the same week. What we have here folks is the best iteration of what America does best: big, brash, front-wheel drive sedans with big power. This is an absolutely brilliant automobile.

I reviewed one, as I usually do. Check it out.


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