Andrew Pascarella of Auto Off Topic

Mitsubishi Evo by Andrew Pascarella
Photo credit: Andrew Pascarella

It’s podcast crossover time as Andrew Pascarella of Auto Off Topic joins Ike in the virtual studio. They discuss why he and co-host Brad DeSantis (the guy who sold me my failed Jeep Comanche project – again, not his fault) started Auto Off Topic, what they discuss on the podcast, and what they’d like to do with it in the future. Andrew tells us about his long standing love of Mitsubishis, the Eagle Talon he’s had for 16 years, and what he’d like to see of of Mitsubishi’s new “partnership” with Nissan. He’s an autocross, rallycross, and stage rally enthusiast (I met him through racing long before either of us got into our respective forms of automotive journalism), and tells us about racing with the New England Region SCCA and spectating at the New England Forest Rally. They also discuss whether orange is a good color for a Volvo 240, Andrew’s current fleet, the worst thing he’s ever done to a car, and how he discovered that you can get skin cancer by driving a Daewoo.

Check out Auto Off Topic on Facebook and Instagram. Also be sure to check out Andrew’s personal Instagram. He’s also a photographer, and just got back from Daytona where he took some awesome pictures of the race!

Listen here on mobile.


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