Here’s How Much Power a Lightly Modified R32 GTR Can Make

Literally. You can put classic tags on any R32 GTR if it’s imported legally. It’s also old enough that the car would undoubtedly had services and parts replaced to be kept running. Those parts would ideally replaced with aftermarket parts straight out of Japan from brands like Greddy, HKS, Mines and more.

My particular Skyline GTR sports a host of HKS products including their turbos, exhaust and ECU tuner. The twin turbos on this R32 GTR are a little larger – 2530’s. The exhaust flows a little better. The intercooler helps keep temperatures lower and more consistent. The ECU ties it all together to keep the engine running silky smooth.

The sum of the parts isn’t anything ground breaking. But they are bolted on to Nissan’s RB26 engine, which in stock trim should put down around 255 horsepower to the ground. Uncorked, it has been known to laugh at Toyota’s mighty 2JZ-GTE.

Today we’re at PTUNING in Manassas, Virginia to strap our R32 GTR down to the dyno and get some real world horsepower numbers. But most importantly, we want to ensure the tune is safe on our premium 93-octane fuel for the coming track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Let’s find out what she do.

Performance Parts List

HKS 2530 Twin Turbos
SARD 100-Cell Catalytic Converter
HKS Super Quiet Muffler
TRUST Intercooler
Unknown Injectors
Unknown Fuel Pump
HKS EVC IV Boost Controller at 1.3 bar (18.5 psi)

  1. I wouldn’t consider a turbo swap to by lightly tuned, unless you meant literal light tuning as in – not aggressively pushing the boost, timing, and AFR.

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