2017 Acura TLX SH-AWD: Track Tested

Having access to your own racetrack does come with its share of seriously kick ass perks, especially when comes the time to try out a so-called “Super Handling” all-wheel drive system.

As you know, the Acura TLX isn’t new to me, I’ve reviewed one earlier this year in harsh winter conditions. It’s also a car that I have successfully entered like a BAMF.  So, what am I doing back in this exact same car? You see, one of my main complaints with the TLX back then, was that it was crammed with too much technology to be appreciated in the everyday world. Granted, the notion that your luxury sedan has the ability to send more power to the exterior rear wheel under hard cornering may sound like an appealing sales pitch, but will the average Jo even notice when commuting to work in his Acura?

That’s when a racetrack comes in handy. Now, I’m well aware that most TLX drivers won’t ever come close to an apex in their sedans, but since our day at Sanair came with a healthy helping of cold November rain, I figured it was the ideal opportunity to unveil if Acura’s claims of selling a luxury sports sedan that delivers “that kind of thrill” are genuine, or simply marketing B.S. used to lure BMW owners into showrooms.

Go check out my track test review to see what’s what.


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