2020 Lexus LX570: Round Two

To make this as confusing as possible, I drove the 2018 Lexus LX570 back in February of 2019 and the article published in September 2019. After nearly 800 miles on and off road, I knew I was a fan. Well just a few weeks ago, Lexus called me and offered a second shot at the LX but this time it was the 2020 and I wouldn’t have time to plan an off road trip where I could scratch another 21” wheel (Still very, very sorry about that Toyota!).  So, since we’ve gone down this road in the past I will try to keep it simple.

What’s new?

Well, actually, not a lot.The wireless charger is not but it definitely felt like an afterthought. The cubbyhole would be nice and clean but my particular phone(an iPhone 10Xs Max) would not even fit. There is also a Sport Package option available with an updated exterior and interior options but the one sent was not optioned that way. This press car was also equipped with rear TV screens and a “Cool Box”. While I could have done without the rear screens(something an iPad does just as well for much cheaper), the “Cool Box” was something I didn’t know I needed in my life and now love. During the Summer, having a cool drink at your deposale is such a luxury and the LX provided. The entire console filled with three water bottles and a couple cans of soda can be cooled down in 10-15 minutes. It’s quite impressive and definitely a box to check for the $170 measly dollars it cost.

What’s still good?

Well, the LX570 is still very good. The exterior is a very clean design and while the grill is as polarizing as always, I enjoy it and think the 2016 redesign did a great job of implementing the grill that was inevitably coming. The interior is also a really nice place to be and it is still one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ever had the pleasure of driving. It’s also very good off road. 

What’s not so good?

Well… the chassis is basically a dozen years old at this point and it shows. The 5.7L is good, but it really needs something more powerful and more efficient to remain competitive. While I understand quality and longevity is the name of the game with the LX and Land Cruiser, I would personally love a twin turbo V6 option with a hybrid battery. The LX is actually great in traffic with it nearly panoramic views and high seating position, but a little more efficiency and even more quiet would be fantastic. The tech is also not really there. Radar cruise control has gotten good, but for a 2020 vehicle the absence of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is unforgivable. Finally, while I do enjoy the general stateliness of the LX, it is a very quiet way to spend over $100,000. It may be a positive to some people, but I think something running over $100,000 should have some more presence. 

Would I still buy one?

Well, that depends. For $100k your other options include a Range Rover or G-Wagon and that’s where the rub is. Both of those have far more presence and would be considered cooler overall, more technologically advanced interiors, but neither have the long term quality. Also, while most people wouldn’t dare take any of these millionaires rides off road, the LX570 is definitely the best of the three (as we’ve seen ourselves). As far as my uses are conferences, my first choice for around $100k would still have to the Mercedes G550. While not as comfortable as the LX570, the looks and technology are worth it. The absence of Apple CarPlay and the nearly dozen year old setup has me wanting to live the G life. It looks like we’ll have to live with the current LX for a couple more years, but hopefully Lexus can figure out what the people want before then. 

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