Shit I See on My Commute – 11th of March 2015 Edition

Welcome to a brand new feature on RFD titled Shit I See On My Commute.  I decided this would be a gratuitous genius way of highlighting the stuff I see on my daily one-hour commute from Maryland to RFD’s super secret headquarters somewhere in Northern Virginia.  Keep an eye out for #sisomc on my twitter feed.

This morning I was going to feature a Porsche Cayenne GTS I spotted. Why, because I sold out and bought an SUV myself recently.  Take a look at it over at Wheel Well.  So I noticed them a bit more now and, at least from the rear, I found myself not hating Porsche’s latest generation of SUV.  Instead I decided to ignore the pricey ute and post about this beauty I spotted on the inner-loop.

chevrolet s-10 race truckIMG_7001Would you look at that!  Mini-truckin is back ladies and gentlemen and it’s bringing parachutes, a stripped out interior, and rear tires wider than Kevin Spacey’s forehead!  Hell yeah, I only wish this had been sporting a license plate and daily driving around the DC beltway in the rain.

Speaking of the beltway, capitalism is alive an well in the great Commonwealth of Virginia.

495 Express Lanes
For those of you not local to the DC area, this sign refers to the “hot lanes” which lets you bypass (some) traffic and the ridiculous amount featured above changes based on the level of the aforementioned traffic.  The heavier the traffic, the heavier the toll and these prices displayed are several times what it costs normally.  All to go a handful of miles around 495.

And finally, on a brighter note, happy 311 Day.

311 Day

Tune in next time when I see some other random shit and post about it.



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