Snow Drifting The 2015 WRX in Slow Motion

2015 WRX Snow Drift

The first thing I did upon arriving to the office this morning is drive up to the top deck to see if they had plowed the snow. And I knew they didn’t. They never do. About 8 inches of snow fell the day before and I was about to frolic in fresh powder. When you own an all-wheel-drive vehicle you take every advantage to toss it around a bit. Some may call it snow drifting the 2015 WRX but I just call it enjoying the car.

When I left the office at 6 I made my way right back up there, this time with a friend who recorded a few short video clips at 240 frames per second. The slow motion video looks awesome. You can see all four wheels tossing up snow like wake from a speed boat. Hope you enjoy!

Check out my WRX on for the entire parts list and build details.

A note to anyone else who may try this – be sure to clear out the snow that inevitably gets packed in between the spokes of your wheels otherwise you’ll get massive vibrations at highway speed.


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