Shit I See on My Commute – 28th of July 2015 Edition

DC Beltway Commuting

It’s back!  I’ll admit, I thought this may be a one-hit-wonder, but I am finally following up on the 11 March debut of “Shit I See on My Commute”!  Or #sisomc if you follow me on Twitter.  Admittedly, I thought that ever day I would see something interesting driving in around the District of Columbia.  I was wrong.  Plus back in the spring I was coming in early, thus rendering most of the AM commute too dark to photograph.  But that’s all behind us now, behold the latest shit.

First up, one of the things I found amazing about driving around Europe, but didn’t find quite amazing enough to include in my article about driving around Europe, was that there were no cars on the shoulder.  In the Homeland, I feel like every 3 minutes Waze is warning me that there is a car stopped on the shoulder ahead.  What are they doing there?  Did they break down?  Are they in distress?  Are they so respectful to cell phones laws that they have pulled over to make a call?  I don’t know, but perhaps today’s cause-of-a-Waze-notification was feeding his dog. Chevrolet ElCamino

Chevrolet ElCamino

What a great scene on the outer loop of the beltway.  An El Camino (which means “The Camino”, you’re welcome) pulled off to the side, using it’s diminutive bed to hold a massive dog carrier.  And then I saw Rin Tin Tin’s cousin sitting shotgun as I passed.  Adorable. This on the other hand, was less adorable.  Behold the wide-body Eclipse.

Widebody Mitsubishi Eclipse Widebody Mitsubishi Eclipse

The grainy pics don’t do this piece of work justice.  I am never quick to ding someone for taking the time to work on their car and make it their own.  But this literally looked like 5 different body kits glued together on top of existing panels of a DSM.  Take your time, do it right.  At least they were all painted the same color I suppose.

Finally, this one didn’t make it on camera but I saw an excellent license plate on the way in this morning.


Had he any peers, perhaps they could have spell checked his personalized plate choice.  Spotted on a 2000s Monte Carlo, the ones that usually have a #3 on the side with “Intimidator” written somewhere on the car.  Or maybe he really is just lacking pears.  I’m not sure.

So tune in next time when I toss out random crap spotted on my commute.


All photos by the author.  Except the header, that’s from the Washington Post.

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  1. On my commute I saw what I’m pretty sure is a Ferrari Daytona Spider. Definitely an older Ferrari convertible.

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