Seven Rules For SRT Hellcat Owners

Red Challenger SRT Hellcat Burnout

The video below was produced by a pissed off SRT Hellcat owner who was sick and tired of seeing YouTube videos of his beloved 707 horsepower SRT Hellcat getting spanked by cars that shouldn’t beat it. After seeing all this on the internet he begins to feel that he’s the only one who knows how to properly drive the SRT Hellcat and actually comes up with a hilarious and passionate list of seven rules for SRT Hellcat owners to follow.

Didn’t care to watch the video? No problem. I’ve listed the rules below.

1. Only carry the red key. Keep the black key as a spare.
2. Learn and USE the built-in launch control system.
3. Buy wider tires. The factory 275/40/20’s just don’t cut it.
4. Do not race anything with all-wheel-drive, a good amount of horsepower and automatic transmissions.
5. Do not race cars with rear spoilers that automatically retract.
6. Do not race electric vehicles because they have instant torque.
7. Do not race air planes. F-16’s, Blackbirds, etc.

In regards to his wider tire suggestion – while it may sound logical, it isn’t simply the tire width that’s important. A factory sized tire with a sticky compound such as the Michelin Pilot Super Sport or Pilot Sport Cup 2 in the factory 275/40/20 size may provide better traction than simply any old wider tire. More so, installing a wider tire in the rear will add understeer and change the way the car negotiates corners. If it was my money, I would replace all four tires with a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Or Pilot Sport Cups 2 if my Hellcat never sees rain.

While most electric vehicles do have a considerable amount of torque, they run out of steam quickly after 40 MPH. There simply are not many others electric cars that can make it to triple digits in less than 14 seconds, let alone 60 MPH in less than 6 seconds. So unless it’s a BMW i8 or a Tesla P85, there’s no reason the Hellcat should lose unless the driver roasts the tires through the first four gears.

And about not racing air planes. I’m thinking a single prop aircraft may be okay.


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