I Have A Problem With The 2018 Tiguan

And you wanna know why? Because the Volkswagen Atlas exists. We all know the Tiguan is (sorta) new for 2018. But the big news is that they made it longer and you can get a 3rd row. I thought that was kinda cool for what it is. But its not because of the addition of the Atlas to the VW line.

The Atlas pretty much takes the place of the Touareg. Something more affordable but with room. It has a 3rd row and was supposedly designed with the US market in its sights. Its pretty much the superior option if you want room for your family. Which brings me to my point: I have a problem with the Tiguan’s pricing compared to the Atlas.

The Tiguan’s base model, the S, starts at $26,245. Cool, except if you want a 3rd row on the cheap, you can’t get the 3rd row on the base model. To get the 3rd you have to move up the chain to the next model, which means you have to get AWD. Hence why the next step up is called S with 4Motion. The 3rd row is a $500 option. With other added options to make it appealing, such as special 18′ wheels and the driver assistance package all added $2,785 to the price bringing the total to $30,330. Not too bad…

Until you look at the Atlas and realize that for just $1095 bucks more, you can have a bigger car with more features and room. In every measurable way the Tiguan is smaller and has what I’m assuming tiny 3rd row. $1095 bucks is worth it for more comfort and space? I would say so. A base Atlas, the S (which according to VW is going to have late availability) with no options is $31,425. You don’t get the 4Motion, but you have a standard bigger 3rd row that you didn’t have to pay extra for.

Things get even closer at the upper trims:

A fully loaded Tiguan will set you back $40,385. This includes the same wheel options you can get on the lower model and the same $500 bucks for the 3rd row. To compare price wise, you have to go 4 steps down from the Atlas’ top trim to compare:

Which for the Atlas would be the $39,815 SE with tech package and 4Motion. It comes pretty nicely equipped, and its actually cheaper than the loaded Tiguan.

Honestly though I just don’t think it was a good idea for VW to introduce a new gen of a small crossover with a 3rd row, then price it closely in some instances to a brand new fully loaded 3 row SUV they just introduced. My money would go for the Atlas every time.

  1. I have found a problem with the Tiguan 2018. I have been unable to purchase a 4motion version with a 3rd row. According to the VW website for $500 you can add a 3rd row to a 4motion. Every dealership i have contacted has said this isnt an option yet unless ai special order one and that can take 3 months.

    1. Yes they rolled out the FWD versions first. It will still be a while before they become available. idk why.

  2. This is false information. The 3rd row comes standard on the FWD and is an option on the AWD model. Please check the facts before making a conclusion. YOU CAN GET A 3rd row TIGUAN 2018 for 26k I am on the Ground SELLING THEM. Mahalo.

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