Why Aston’s new concept is just another tease in a long line of teases


After waiting for what seems like at least two weeks, we finally got a picture of what a future Aston Martin could look like, presented to you adoring non-rich fans by Gran Turismo. The car is gorgeous, just like most Aston Martins, except the Lagonda, that’s gross. This new concept is a 2 seat, mid engine British rocket ship, that has some of the craziest rims on the face of the planet. The car features an open glass roof that allows the occupants to slowly be turned into a mass of pulled pork human. Interesting sidenote, in cannibal societies, human meat is often referred to as long pork! Really, look it up.

So am I saying that the people over at Aston are cannibals bent on creating a few pots of rich folk sandwiches? Probably not. But I am saying that the people behind this concept are the biggest bunch of teases in the car game.


Throughout the decades, there have always been rumors that Aston Martin is on the verge of creating a mid engined supercar. And throughout those years, we have seen concept after concept, after concept. But they have never actually pulled the trigger and made one. Each successor concept has been better than the last, and has made fanboys get all weak kneed.


Now here comes a new concept, the DP-100, standing for digital prototype, meaning it’s only in the game. However, what could give us all hope that this might actually happen is all the ramping up of Aston Martin’s Q division. For those unaware or for those that may only have heard of it, the Q division is Aston Martin’s special project division. It’s where customers can come in and either modify a current Aston, or potentially have a bespoke car built to their specifications. Earlier this month, we got a first glimpse of the Q divisions latest potential car.


Some are calling this new model the Lagonda successor. And putting the two side-by-side, you can definitely see the similarities between the two. But other than building an updated version of a car I don’t find particularly worthy of replicating,  it illustrates the idea that the DP-100 could actually be built. What this also could be is the ramblings of a Aston Martin fanboys that has been wishing for a mid-engined Aston Martin for years.


I think there is definitely room at Aston Martin for a mid-engined supercar, something that could succeed the One-77. With that car, Aston showed the world they could build a top tier super car, but at the same time, the car wasn’t that big of a hit with the general public. My opinion on why it wasn’t a hit was the fact that it still was essentially their standard GT car. Something to be taken to the south of France, rather than belt down the Autobahn or taken to the track.

With Aston’s new relationship with AMG, and their lineup of cars being quite stale for the past decade, it’s time to show the world what Aston Martin can do when they put their heads together. Building something radical, something innovative, but something still recognizable as a Aston Martin could be the push they need to finally come into the next decade. And fingers, toes, eyes, arms, and legs crossed that it includes a mid-engine car like the concept above.

Photo’s via Aston Martin


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