2024 Lexus TX 500h F Sport: Pros and Cons

2024 Lexus TX 500h F Sport hero

Lexus has released a new SUV to fill in its lineup and it might be the perfect blend of luxury, tech, and eco. The 2024 Lexus TX 500h F Sport is that SUV. Being a new SUV in the market, it is an untested product, but I want to alleviate those concerns by discussing just what is special about this new kid on the block and a few items that we would have remedied.

PRO: Unique Exterior Styling

Most SUVs and even sedans have their front grills look like big cheese graters, but with the 2024 Lexus TX 500h F Sport the front bumper is less grill and more bumper is the best way to describe, but the picture above will do more justice than words.

PRO: The Space

There are certainly bigger Lexus SUVs, but the 2024 Lexus TX 500h F Sport is a big boy in its own right. Space is everywhere. Front row, second row, all around.

PRO: Interior is Straight Lexus

The interiors are the best parts of Lexus vehicles and that does not stop with the 2024 Lexus TX 500h F Sport. Quality materials sprinkled all about. Being an F Sport you also get some more sporty interior options such as the F Sport branded seats and steering wheel.

PRO: Three Useable Rows

Remember the space I had mentioned? Well That space finds its way to a useable third row. While many OEMs slap a few unusable seats in a third row for the marketing materials, that is not the case in the TX 500h. You can use them.

CON: A Lexus SUV with No Emphasis on Off Road

One of the best things about Lexus SUVs of the past many years is you are cocooned in luxury, but you can likely take them up a mountain or at least on some sand dunes. 4WD selectors standard, but with the 2024 TX 500h F Sport being an all-wheel-drive vehicle, you don’t get those options as easy as in the LX class. What can I say, I want my off road options while covered in luxury!

CON: A Toyota Grand Highlander Might Be a Better Option

Besides the Lexus name and a different exterior, you can get basically the same vehicle on the Toyota side of the isle for less money. The 2024 TX 500h F Sport is a great vehicle, but if you can save money by buying a stellar cousin, why not?

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