Is Porsche The Reason Why RG3 Has Been Playing So Poor

We can not say with 100% certainty that the Washington Redskin’s quarterback Robert Griffin the 3rd drives a red Porsche Panamera GTS but it sure as hell looks like it judging from the tag. Our Instagram spotter @mudmann1225 snapped this shot on Route 50 getting on to I-66 in northern Virginia. Would make sense since he lives just up the road. Maybe the joy of driving has overcome RG3’s joy of the game. A bad knee won’t stop anyone from a fun day on the twisty roads.

We’re just saying.


In all serious, we’d love to see RG3 return and show us the guy we saw before the unfortunately injury. Good luck, Robert and enjoy the Porsche!

RG3's Porsche Panamera GTS


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