The Ateliers Diva Targa is the French answer to Singer

Want to combine the performance of a modern Porsche 911, with the looks of a classic 911? Then you need a resto-mod Porsche 964. But Singer is not the only option. This is the new Ateliers Diva Targa, and you want it.

Using a 964 as a base, all the bodywork is replaced with carbon-fiber, keeping the weight down to just 2447 lbs (1110 kg). The new bodywork is 3 cm wider, to fit new parts including wider Fuchs wheels and modern adaptive suspension by Bilstein. It also has new LED lights and subtle carbon-fiber splitter underneath the slim chrome bumper.

It is powered by your choice of a 4 or 4.2 liter air-cooled, ceramic-coated flat-6 engine, making 380 hp and 420 hp respectively. In the AWD version, power is sent to the wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission, vs a 5-speed manual for the RWD version. To ensure it stops quickly, it has Brembo brakes measuring 332 mm, with the additional option of competition pads.

But it’s more than just a racecar. It’s a car that you can drive every day. The original air-conditioning system is replaced by a new air-conditioning unit, which will be good news to anyone who has experienced the A/C in an air-cooled Porsche before. It also has power seats, modern security features, and an active exhaust, so you don’t wake up your neighbors in the morning.

But the best part of this restomod has to be the interior. Clearly inspired by the early Porsche 911’s, the Diva features 1960’s-style gauges, a wooden strip on the dashboard, a thin wood-rimmed steering wheels, and a beech wood gear knob inspired by the Porsche 917.

Prefer a different bodystyle? Well the Ateliers Diva will also be offered as a regular coupe, or as a safari model, with a lifted suspension, skid plates, and off-road tyres. You can also order them in almost any way you want- customisation is limited only by your wealth and creativity. However, they’re only building 25 of each bodystyle, costs around $619,000, and they take 12 months to build. Worth it?


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