New 718 Cayman GT4 and 718 Spyder bring the flat-six back to Porsche’s smallest sports car.

When the Porsche launched the 718 models back in 2016, everyone loved everything about it- except the noise, thanks to its 4-cylinder engine. With the release of the Cayman GT4 and 718 Spyder, that’s no longer an issue, as they use a 4 liter flat-six, which makes 414 hp and 309 lb ft of torque. This new flat-6, combined with an all-new exhaust system, means that it should sound awesome. Especially given that it revs to 8000 rpm.

It would be criminal if a car like this was only offered with an auto, but don’t worry; it has a 6-speed manual as standard. It has an automatic rev-matching feature, but you can thankfully turn it off.

On the handling side of things, there have been numerous changes. The front suspension is lifted from the 911 GT3, and the rear suspension is been redesigned. Camber, toe, ride height, and anti-roll bar settings can be manually adjusted, just like in a race car. The brakes, lifted from the 911 GT3, are 410mm at the front, and 390mm at the rear, when equipped with the optional carbon ceramics.

How can you tell you are looking at a GT4 or Spyder, and not a regular 718? The new models feature a new front bumper with bigger vents and a more aggressive splitter. The Spyder has a new decklid, which you lift when you (manually) fold the roof down, while the GT4 has a big wing. Both cars have a new rear diffuser, which not only looks great, but is also functional; Porsche claims the 718 GT4 makes 50% more downforce than the previous GT4, which was already regarded as one of the best handling road cars ever. There’s no word on weight yet- maybe the weight savings in these new models were offset by the bigger engine, but that’s just speculation.

There are various options available, but the most interesting is the Clubsport package, which includes a half roll cage, six-point racing harness, fire extinguisher, and infotainment system delete. Sadly, its unlikely that this will be available in the US, as the federal government has mandated than new cars need to be fitted with a reversing camera.

The GT4 and Spyder are predictably fast: 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, a top speed of 188 mph (187 for the Spyder), and the GT4 laps the Nurburgring around 10 seconds faster than the previous GT4, which only took 7 mins 40 seconds.  

Want one? Of course you do. Prices start at $96,300 for the Spyder, and $99,200 for the GT4. Email me if you want a kidney.


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