Nashville Cars and Coffee is Steadily Becoming One of the Country’s Best

Cars & Coffee

Finding interesting content to write about isn’t easy, so I have made a huge effort to attend Nashville Cars and Coffee as much as possible. Almost any given Saturday, you can find me walking around the AMC Thoroughbred 20 parking lot in Franklin, TN (a suburb just of Nashville) taking pictures, exploring the cars, and meeting the people that own these amazing machines. In this push I have noticed the level of cars, and people, to be absolutely amazing.

Ford GT

The main Cars and Coffee event is held the first Saturday of every month, where you will will find hundreds of cars and thousands of people meandering between the rows and rows of cars. The weeks in between you will see a smaller contingency of individuals, just enjoying themselves among others looking for something to do.

Cars & Coffee

One of Nashville’s coolest qualities is the huge diversity of vehicles that show up every weekend. The nearest comparatively sized C&C is Knoxville. Because of this, there are people that will drive hours just to show their vehicle and see what else shows up. One of the cars that grabbed everyone’s attention as it entered the show was this amazing Mark IV Toyota Supra.

Cars & Coffee

Now of course you will see the standard gobs of Subarus, fifth and sixth gen Camaros, and Mustangs revving their poor cars to death, but there are so many gems it more than makes up for the nuisances. This lifted, “Safari”, Subaru WRX comes to mind as one of my personal best in show. All-terrain tires and a dirt covered body make me jealous of whatever this guy is doing.

ISF and M3

My typical transport to and from the shows is this 2011 Lexus ISF. You’ll often see me pull in alongside this 2011 Dinan BMW M3. I always make sure I follow as the exhaust note on the BMW is incredible and has broken necks of passerby’s trying to catch a glimpse of what is producing that marvelous noise.

Cars & Coffee

Along the lines of “you’ll never know what you’ll see”, here is one of the first 47 Camaros ever made. An amazing frame off, rotisserie restoration was just completed on this car in the last year and everything is absolutely mint.

Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee

Of course the famous Nashville Ichiban Boshi” RBW Porsche 964 was a huge hit. This car was built at Niche Motors in Brentwood, Tennessee, and is a not too uncommon seen at car events all around the Nashville area.

Cars & Coffee Cars & Coffee

Easily the most ridiculous vehicle seen all day. If this does not scream “I want to die in the fastest way possible”, I don’t know what does.

Cars & Coffee Cars & Coffee Cars & Coffee

This 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 was just picked up June 9th at the Museum in Bowling Green and stopped by an unofficial Cars and Coffee weekend show on the way to it’s home in Atlanta. According to the owner, he ticked every box but the automatic transmission.  Good man.

Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee Cars & Coffee Cars & Coffee Cars & Coffee

The organizers have also done a good job of hiring Franklin Police Officers to help assist traffic. If you are ever in the area, this is an absolute must see. Like I said, there are literally hundreds of amazing vehicles. Anyone and everyone can find something they like. From a Honda Trail 70 scooter to the one of rarest of Camaros ever made. You will not be disappointed.


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