What I Hope To See Debut At The 2017 NAIAS

Everyone is guessing what is going to debut at the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan.  The Right Foot Down team is going to leave tomorrow morning at 9 am from Washington, DC and hopefully arrive in one piece.  Last year we barely made it out of DC before getting stopped by the police.   This year is going to be twice as fun because Andrew Fails, and Josh Taylor are going too. But with all the hype of what everyone THINKS will be at the 2017 NAIAS, here are a couple things I HOPE will be there:

  1. The return of the Acura Integra: Please Acura, just please. You desperately need a great car, and enthusiasts miss the amazing Integra.
  2. A Nissan that doesn’t suck: Ok Nissan listen up, you guys peaked in 1991 with the 300zx Twin Turbo and the Sentra SE-R.  Don’t be the guy/girl from high school that is trying to relive their glory days.  Build a great enthusiast car and sell it to us.  Thank you.
  3. A hot hatch that isn’t turbocharged: 2016 is the return of the 80s, every manufacturer that builds a hot hatch is going small displacement with a big turbo.  While I love turbo’s, it kind of takes the character out of the engine and the engines tend to blow up. Someone please make a high revving lightweight hatchback – how hard can that be?
  4. Special Edition Miata: Mazda please bring back the good ol’ days of the special edition Miata’s.  I’m talking about the “R-package”, the M-Edition, Sunburst yellow Miata’s, British Racing Green – just make sure to throw in a limited-slip differential and some bilsteins. Done.
  5. Surprise Me: Yea, I dare you to.  Go for it, Ford surprised us all with the Ford GT debut.  Who’s going to do it this year?

While I doubt any of this will happen, a boy can dream.  See you at the 2017 NAIAS!



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