The Best Food From NAIAS Media Days

Best kept secret of automotive journalism? Free food and booze – well it’s not exactly a secret, but it is awesome. That’s right while you’re at your desk job trying not to rip your hair out, I’m having a cold hefeweizen and a bratwurst at the Audi booth, maybe a hand-crafted-artisan coffee at the Volvo booth, or maybe it’s chili eaten out of a Doritos bag at the Ford booth.  Either way, at every major automotive show the manufactures have these great perks for journalists, and I wanted to run through the best and worst options at this years 2017 NAIAS.

Volvo: Makes you feel like you are back in Sweden.  Their baristas sport a Norwegian look, big beards, Brooklyn-esqe aprons, and delicious coffee.

NAIAS Volvo Coffee Booth
Volvo Coffee Booth.  Man, that guy is happy.

Ford: Chili served out of a Doritos bag?  Sounds like Ford, actually that kind of sounds like a Ford Taurus, but who’s checking?

Doritos chili ford
Typically Ford Serving Chili Out Of A Doritos Bag

Audi: Pretzels and Hefeweizen.  Yes please.  (winner of the FIRST EVER “Best Booth “Award”)

Beer at the Audi Booth
A Perfectly Chilled Hefeweizen from Audi

Media Room (where journalists “work”): Eggs, bacon, home fries, pastries, coffee for breakfast

Media Room Breakfast 20170110_091639 20170110_091645

Toyota: Was Toyota at the Auto show this year? Oh yea they debuted this:

Toyota gave the Camry an upgrade this year
Toyota gave the Camry an upgrade this year, four exhausts!

Mercedes: If anyone can make you feel insignificant and poor, it’s Mercedes and their upscale coffee booth

Mercedes Coffee Booth At NAIAS
Mercedes Coffee Booth At NAIAS

Alfa Romeo: Didn’t serve any coffee, but did serve up some of the best looking models (cars that is), and Klaus Busse wins for best dress (seriously that suit kicked ass – see you Italy Klaus).

Look at that beauty!
Look at that beauty!

Smart Car: Gets an “A” for effort, they put out Bruce Cost Ginger Ales which are DELICIOUS:

Loving the Bruce Cost Ginger Ale from Smart Car
Loving the Bruce Cost Ginger Ale from Smart Car

All other manufacturers please step your game up next year.

You’re on notice.


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