Acura TSX: The Integra GS-R of 22nd Century

The 2004 Acura TSX Is One Hell Of A Car

Remember the car that Car and Driver gave multiple 10 best trophies to in the early 2000s?  Do you remember the car that won all the shootouts that it was put in against higher priced cars? In 2004 Car and Driver said this about the Acura TSX: “Engine to copy, transmission to envy, craftsmanship to benchmark.”  The Acura TSX with a six speed transmission is one of the all time great cars from Acura.  Yet, most Acura fanboys hold the Integra GS-R on such a high pedestal that Lebron James couldn’t even touch it.

The people’s champ.

For people who are in the know, Acura made the TSX a car that had a similar DNA to the GS-R.  And here’s why you should probably go buy an Acura TSX right now.  Well at least one built from 2004-2008 with a manual transmission.

Eight Reasons to buy an Acura TSX

  1. The six speed manual is the one you want and the only one to get.  The manual transmission is a thing of beauty and you need it in your life.
  2. The engine is a 2.4-liter VTEC that made 205 horsepower and 164 lb-ft of torque and is happy to rev to the 7200 rpm redline.  Known to Honda nerds as the K24A2.
  3. 7,100 rpm REDLINE, sad that a high redline is rare in cars of today.
  4. A beautiful interior.  The Acura TSX is a car that you can show your wife and take your client to lunch in – all while not being embarrassed/sleeping on the couch.
  5. It was the European Honda Accord, finally a car from Europe.  Compared the U.S Honda Accord the TSX has fattier anti-sway bars and sportier dampening.
  6. Fuel economy is on FLEEK. I’m talking around 30 miles-per-gallon.
  7. BMW 3 series bargain.
  8. Did I say that it’s awesome?
Doesn’t European Accord Type R sound much cooler?

I feel that the Acura TSX will be one of those highly desirable tuner cars in 10-20 years.  It has all the right pieces to be a future classic: a sporty design and didn’t sell to many with a manual transmission.  Now it’s time for me to sell my Miata and get myself an European Honda Accord.

  1. I’ve heard horror stories about the TSX automatic. But that’s not the transmission you want.

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