Motorhead Mama, aka Amelia Dalgaard

Motorhead Mama

Joining us from her International Shedquarters is Motorhead Mama, or Amelia Dalgaard in the non-car world. Ike talks with her about her work on Pop Up Video, how Motorhead Mama started, feeling like an imposter among “real” auto journalists (I know the feeling), and how terrible auto show presentations are. They also discuss how she got interested in cars, how it’s possible to enjoy cars without being a greasemonkey these days, the appeal of SUVs that haul ass, the badassness of Volvo wagons, Pink’s imported BMW M5 wagon, and why you don’t want to buy a pre-owned Porsche 997 (hint: it could be the one Motorhead Mama owned). Finally, they discuss her sarcastic wit, dude or douchebag, freak of the week, the crazy search words that lead people to her site, the similarity between the Porsche Experience Center and Scientology, cars that look like a dog taking a dump, and Ike’s resemblance to Jason Statham.

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Check out Motorhead Mama’s web site, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel.



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