208 MPH in the Hennessey HPE750 Ford Mustang

Hennessey HPE750 Ford Mustang

Texas tuner John Hennessey is known for making incredibly fast cars.  But when he recently hit 195 MPH  in a Mustang, people noticed.  That car, the HPE700 was just a warm up to this, the Hennessey HPE750 Ford Mustang.  The new car is faster than a Ford GT.  Well, OK the GT was limited to 205 MPH but at almost 208 MPH, that’s still pretty damn fast.  Take a look at the video if you don’t believe me.

Like the HPE700, this will be a Limited Edition, with only 500 Units built for the 2015 model year.  No word on pricing, but here are the specs.


  • 774 bhp @ 7,000 rpm
  • 648 lb-ft torque @ 4,400 rpm


  • • 0-60 mph: 3.4 sec.
  • ¼ mile: 10.9 @ 133 mph

HPE750 Supercharged 5.0L V8 Engine Upgrade

  • 2.9 Liter Supercharger System
  • Carbon Fiber High Flow Air Induction
  • Upgraded Fuel Injectors
  • Upgraded Fuel Pump System
  • Carbon Fiber Coilpack Covers
  • All Necessary Gaskets & Fluids
  • Professional Installation
  • HPE Engine Management Calibration
  • Dyno Tuning & Road Testing
  • Hennessey Exterior Badging
  • HPE750 Exterior Badging
  • Supercharged Exterior Badging
  • Hennessey Premium Floormats
  • Hennessey Embroidered Headrests
  • Serial-Numbered Dash & Engine Plaques
  • 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Limited Warranty


  • CarbonAero Front Splitter
  • CarbonAero Side Sills
  • CarbonAero Rear Lip Spoiler

Additional Upgrades

  • Hennessey H10 Lightweight 19-inch wheels (Mounted on factory tires)
  • Hennessey H10 Lightweight 20-inch wheels (Mounted on factory tires)
  • Brembo 15.1 in. Front Brake System Upgrade
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Some bonus pics below, who’s the guy wearing the denim?

Hennessey HPE750 Ford Mustang Hennessey HPE750 Ford Mustang Hennessey HPE750 Ford MustangAll photos courtesy Hennessey Performance.


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