Nu Conceptz Fall Show

Nu Conceptz Fall Show 2015

Of all the so-called “car meets” in the DC Region, one of the most enjoyable have been those put on by Nu Conceptz. Their latest, the 2015 Fall Show, was hosted at Prime Time Bar and Grill in northern Virginia. The food was good, the DJ was spinning great beats and well, the cars weren’t too bad either! There was a mix of domestics and imports and Nu Conceptz had a variety of trophies to hand out for the usual Best-Of’s. An under dog of the early 2000’s, the Audi S4, greeted all spectators at the entrance.

If Micah wanted his Honda S2000 to stand out he could have left it at orange. But no, he went all the way on this build with suspension, big wheels tucked under widebody fenders…

Making sure the little Honda had the means to back up the looks, the F20 engine was paired with a large Precision Turbo…turbo. Just check out the wastegate setup. It’s routed up through the carbon fiber hood, venting straight to the atmosphere. Imagine the flames shooting out of that in the night!

Across the way near the DJ was the Nova Subarus tent with a bug-eye WRX, jawk-eye STI and a truly unique Legacy.

All three of the scoobies were looking the business but what I wanted to show you is the Legacy. The owner is an avid autocrosser and this car is well known in the area.

If the drop and wheels weren’t enough, the front mount intercooler and huge rear trunk spoiler is a dead giveaway that this Legacy is built for more than hauling family.

It’s not a party under the Crown Vic’s show up. How about this revived sample, dubbed War Ship.

Love or hate Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe, it is a performer on the street, on the track and even in the shows. The overall presentation of this green Genesis Coupe just about made me pull out the AutoTrader app. I’d love to see more of these out at track days.

The big Dodge Charger needs little work to stand out. The front lip spoiler, drop and white writing on the tires add just enough.

What import car show is complete without a MKIV Toyota Supra? More of this in the Bonus Photos.

The guys from Moore Automotive were in attendance with a tent of their own showing off available turbos and forced induction componentry.

Red and black Viper ACR’s are always welcome.

Remember when the EP3 Civic Si came out and it got no love? These days the EP3 is good fun for little coin.

The guys from F3 Auto were out with their own models taking shots in the show cars.

How difficult is it to find a factory stock Mitsubishi Evolution VII or VIII? If somebody showed up in one they would instantly take the Best Restraint to Mod award.

More Honda’s with a very clean first generation Acura Integra and aggressively styled CR-Z.

No denying the capabilities of the Subaru WRX. The first generations are available for little investment and the performance ceiling is higher than many six figure sports cars.

This Honda S2000 caught my eye from a few rows over. Then again just about anything with a serious track appearance does. But this…

Those fender flares, the wider wheels. Everything flows so well.

What appears to be a GT500. It’s probably quick.

Mustang and Camaro in drag guise. One more so than the other.

On the far side of the low I came across a WRX wagon so clean and purposeful it hurts. Look at those original S204 BBS wheels. What makes a better daily driver than a 400 horsepower, turbo boxer-powered wagon with a clutch pedal?

It was about this time that I noticed what I first thought was a Stance Club parade making rounds in the parking lot.

People riding in the hatch and trunk like a circus? An investigation was in order.

And what do we have here? Car limbo!? That explains the stance laps.

One by one, the limbo participants took their seats.

Until there was but one left. The winner, a second generation Acura Integra.

The variety of cars at these shows is what makes them enjoyable. There’s always something interesting to see. Always something built with a flavor that reflects the owner’s taste. Who they are. And what they want the world to see.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Mazda RX-7 had a presence at every import car show. Those days may be gone forever so it’s always a pleasant sight to see one in attendance.

The Nu Conceptz events continue to be one of my favorites. It doesn’t hurt that they’re put on locally, either. Hope you all enjoyed the photos.


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