2017 NAIAS: Interview with Klaus Busse of Alfa Romeo

Klaus Busse

Right Foot Down had the unique opportunity to talk with the Head of Design for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Europe Klaus Busse, about the evolution and inspiration behind Alfa Romeo’s product line. Busse has a thoroughbred background in automotive design working with Daimler Chrysler, and sticking with Chrysler after the split and then transition over to Fiat Chrysler. Busse walked us through the entire Alfa Romeo product line first starting with the 4C, then the Gulia Quadrifoglio and finishing on the stunning Stelvio.

In order to understand Alfa Romeo you need to travel back in time to 1967 when Alfa Romeo produced the 33 Stradale – a street-legal version of a race car produce by Alfa. Busse told us that the 4C’s inspiration was the 33 Stradale and those lines are throughout the product line. In our interview with Busse we go over the details that most enthusiasts might have over looked, his favorite body lines, why the automatic transmission is good in the Quadrifoglio and why it’s important to love washing your car.

Watch the video below of our interview:


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