Coverage: Primetime 1st Annual Charity Meet

The great people at Primetime Sports and Grill in Fairfax, Virginia hosted their 1st Annual Charity Meet to Feed the Starving. Going by the name and turnout, we do hope this will becomes a recurring event. On to the photos.

I spoke to this Porsche GT3 for a bit after I arrived. He also owns an E46 M3. This man has good taste.

This gloss black Viper was next to a flat black Viper. Both looked and sounded mean.

This GTR looked great on these wheels and was one of the first cars in view upon arrival to the show.

This isn’t your ordinary Camaro. It’s the ZL585 built by SLP that boasts near 600 horsepower. You’ll notice subtle changes all around the car. The front lip spoiler, the wheels, suspension and ZL585 badging. The most impressive bit I learned while speaking to the owner is that SLP managed to drop 400 lbs from the car. Fact or fiction?

The Evolution X was an engineering marvel overshadowed in some ways by the GTR. From the factory its near 4000 lbs and literally defies gravity through corners.

I was so busy looking through my camera’s viewfinder for that perfect composition that I was nearly ran over by this gorgeous M3.

Love this Lexus IS300. They have potential to be fantastic sport sedans. If I recall, a hindrance of the IS300 was fitting large rubber under the fenders without drastic metalwork.

Very nice VIP Mercedes S-class. A black big body Benz with limo tint and flossy wheels gets looks.

The Lexus SC300 and SC400 is another fantastic car. Many components from the Toyota Supra Turbo could be fitted such as the larger brakes and limited slip differential.

The Evo X has to be modded for performance. Any other way is wrong in my book.

It’s a JEEP thing?

Limited edition, big brakes, more power, Cobra-only body parts. This snake is really something special and often overlooked. My memory is terrible but I believe the owner said it had less than 30k miles on the clock. It shows it! Beautiful Mustang!

If you would like to see more photos from this event please check out our Facebook page.


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