The Best Looking Wheels I’ve Seen in a Long Time: Saleen S1 

With a reported 450 horsepower and curb weight of approximately 2,700 pounds, the all new Saleen S1 promises to tick many of the boxes performance car owners look for. Carbon fiber body, aluminum tub, flappy paddle gear box, its all there. Not to mention the shape – wow.

Image source: Autoblog

But one of the biggest features of the prototype that I hope makes it through to production are those wheels.

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Just look at them.  20 inches of symmetrical greatness.  Sure, they could’ve gone with a much more complex wheel, something that shouted, “I’m a race car and my wheels are here t prove it!” But instead they chose a great sports car look that will stand the test of time.

Not since the 2016 BMW M4 GTS have I enjoyed the aesthetic design of a wheel this much, and that is saying something.

Image source: BMW Blog

So let me address the good folks over at Saleen with this: The new S1 is gorgeous as a whole. We love it and can’t wait to wring it out. Will it be the next great American sports car? We hope so. Will it end up being remembered as nothing more than a Chinese Fiero? Time will tell. But for now, please, please give it to us with those spectacular wheels!


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