The Coolest Car Gadgets and Gizmos You Must Have


Although a car usually has enough gadgets to satisfy the average driver, many feel an urge that they need additional car gadgets and accessories to make their experience feel even more unique. In order to help deck your car out in some cool, new gadgets, follow our suggestions below.



Scosche USB Charger

The Scosche USB charger is a $13 gadget allows you to charge two devices at the same time, allowing you to have more electronics in your car. The device presents a blue light to indicate that it’s charging your devices, but it’s best feature is its low profile in your vehicle. Simply put, you can charge a few devices, without having it take up too much space.

Bestek Jump Starter

Jumper cables are a necessary tool to have in your car, no matter what. Especially if you’re traveling in a rural area, having self-powered Bestek Jump Starter is perfect for helping you get your car back on the road. Although they start at $50, they feature a flashlight in addition to dual USB ports for charging your electronic devices.

Automatic Car Adapter

The Automatic Car Adapter can fit directly into the diagnostic port on the majority of cars. It collects data straight from your car’s onboard computer. It costs $52 and comes paired with a smartphone app that offers a number of great features like vehicle locator, emergency services notifier, and mileage log.

High Road Car Seat Organizer

Say goodbye to your messy car and hello to the High Road Car Seat Organizer. This is a great storage option for anybody but especially for families. It features a number of pockets made from both mesh and polyester. This $13 organizer straps onto the back of any seat and can be used to hold and sort all of your new, cool car gadgets.

Fobo Tire Plus

The Fobo Tire Plus is a handheld device that uses Bluetooth technology to determine your tire pressure. It then sends the information straight to your smartphone. You need your tires to be properly inflated so that they last longer and increase your car’s fuel efficiency. For $195, this handy maintenance device is well worth it.


Who doesn’t love starting their day with a fresh cup of coffee? If you don’t have time to make your coffee in the mornings or forget it at home, you need the Handpresso in your car. This is a coffee maker that is made to work in your car. It plugs in the cigarette lighter or 12-volt port in your car and can brew coffee using ESE espresso pods or your own grounds. Though it will cost you $189, it will be well worth it when you take that first sip.

Ztylus Stinger

The Ztylus Stinger is a great tool to keep in your car and can help you if you are ever in an accident. It can be used to shatter your windshield or car windows in the case that your doors or windows become jammed after an accident. This way, you can exit the vehicle quickly. There is also a blade on the other end which you can use to cut through a jammed seat belt. For only $22, this is a real lifesaver.


Vantrue R2

For just $120, the Vantrue R2 dash cam is a welcome addition to any car. This camera offers a 170-degree field of view and records in 1080p. It can also power on and off with your vehicle, which maximizes energy usage and storage space. It is a great tool to use when determining fault in a car accident.

All of these devices add different, interesting features to your car. Whether it’s jump starting your car by yourself or making yourself a nice cup coffee, all of these items will spice up the way you drive.


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