Infographic: How Special Is It? 2015 Ford edition

Continuing our “how special is it” series, we turn out attention the blue oval.  When you visit your local Ford  dealer, you now have a lot of different models to choose from.  Is the ST worth it?  Does the EcoBoost Mustang really offer that much more than the regular 6-cylinder?  We’ll get into that below. But first, some words.

As you know, we have a long-term test Focus ST in our RFD garage.  I have spent a lot of time in this car, and also its sibling, the Titanium.  Both get you a 2.0 Inline 4-cylinder, but the ST gets you a turbocharger to go with it.  As you can see in the infographic below, the power difference is significant.  But it’s more about power, right?  I’m not sure actually, I’m a pretty big fan of power.  But for arguments sake, let’s say it is.  You also get a stuff like this, which are not available on the basic Focus:  6spd transmission, MacPherson strut independent front sport-tuned suspension, Variable-ratio electric power-assisted steering, dual center exhaust, 18-inch  painted aluminum wheels, and Recaro seats (optional).

That’s pretty extensive.  Of course, the Titanium comes with standard dual zone climate control, the Sony 10-speaker stereo with subwoofer, SYNC with MyFord Touch, XM/HD Radio, and some other stuff I didn’t bother copying and pasting from Ford’s website.  All of those are options on the ST though, and came on our test car.  But the point is, these are two very different cars.  I haven’t seen a base model conversion done quite a well as the ST Focus and Fiesta, and the changes go well beyond HP and TQ.

As for the new Mustang, we haven’t gotten any seat time in the new car quite yet, but from decades of owning Mustangs (I now sound old) I can say that it is a very similar story.  The GT comes standard with stuff like 14″ brakes with 4-piston calipers (and optional Brembos) and bigger rear brakes as well.  You also get electronic line lock and launch control.  That’s pretty cool.  Although stuff like Recaro seats are optional on both the EcoBoost and the GT.

So are these new turbocharged engines worth the extra monies?  Or should you just get a V8?  Let the infographic be your guide.

RFD Infographic - FoST and Mustang

Header image: Motortrend

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  1. The GT’s $62/hp seems quite the bargain vs the EcoBoost’s $157/hp! Keep in mind folks, with a turbo car such as the EcoBoost, a $600 ECU reflash can significantly increase horsepower and torque to be within dollars of the GT. More on this in a later post.

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