Video! Around the Ring’ in 6 minutes

I want to show you a classic video from the Nurburgring, something that (in my opinion) even trumps Han Stuck’s amazing BMW M3 GTR video around the famed ‘Green Hell’. This video is from 2005 and was during the time when the brothers Alzen and Alzen Motorsport were dominating the German VLN Endurance series at the Nurburgring with their approx. 800hp, twin turbo, AWD 996TT Porsche race car. The car’s exterior and aero was done by the famed DP Motorsports (including a roof scoop feeding a monstrous intercooler so massive the only space was in the back seat) and the engine was built by RS Tuning.

The car dominated many races and was ultimately deemed an unfair competitor and was banned. This monster of a 996 has clocked the combined Grand Prix Circuit/Nordschleife (North loop) in an astonishing 8:09, meaning it has done the Nordschleife in 6:40. One of the fastest production based racecars to ever tame the Green Hell.


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