Another Crazy GT2 Finish – Results from the 2010 ALMS Petit Le Mans

With 5 laps to go of the 394 lap race at the 2010 Petit Le Mans, the 1st place Risi Competizione Ferrari 430GT – with a sizable lead over the 2nd place Corvette – pitted in for a 3 second splash of fuel to finish the race. This was to be Risi Competizione’s third consecutive Petit Le Mans victory. The Italians must have miscalculated. On the back straight of the last lap with only three turns to go, the class leading GT2 Risi Competizione Ferrari ran out of fuel and came to rest on the downhill, just before the braking zone for turn 10. This allowed Oliver Gavin, piloting the ZR1 of the Corvette Racing team, to pass and take the checkered flag, also the team’s first win of the 2010 season. The mishap of Risi Competizione on this, the last race of the 2010 American Le Mans Series season, also cost Ferrari the 2010 Manufacturer’s Championship, which would have placed them in the lead by a single point. With the final numbers tallied up, the 2010 ALMS Manufacturer’s Championship was awarded to BMW! Congrats to Corvette Racing on their first win of the season and to BMW for their 2010 American Le Mans Manufacturers Championship!


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