Sell your BMWs! Wait, No.

Dont sell me!

How many people can I offend with that title?

Last week we were hit with roughly 6 inches of snow that was dumped on us as people were trying to get home. If you lived in Washington, DC and lived in Fairfax, Virginia or Gaithersburg, Maryland you had AT LEAST a 4 hour commute. Holy Hell! 4 hours!!! Why would it take 4 hours to go 10-15 miles?! 2 reasons really. First, Everyone was let out of work at the exact same time. Secondly because of BMWs.

Yes you BMW owner. You paid over $70,000 for your exquisite 7-series only to have to abandon it on the side of the road because your all season tires on your rear-drive car wouldn’t cut it. Now you have a $300+ towing bill waiting for you at the local tow yard.

Now you may say I’m being bias towards BMW but ask anyone who was in traffic that night what the main brand of car was that was stuck. I know there were Benzes a plenty, front wheel drives, and SUVs that got stuck but I promise you BMW will be the name that rolls off their tongue. Most of these owners were government contracted analysts that might have come from other areas and don’t really have any interest in being able to drive in snow. The DC area is becoming known for its inability to handle the frozen water droplets. Things just shut down. Yes, There are people capable of driving RWD cars in the snow though. There’s also the option of installing snow tires during the winter. Taking a winter driving course. Those two options will keep people like me from ridiculing the brand known for being rewarding to drive as I pass you by in my snow-loving swede hatchback. Most of these people however are simply not interested in doing so until it happens to snow like it did.

Don’t sell your BMWs for Audis though. I do like the way they drive and you know you do. Even the underpowered ones. Everyone loves a comfortable car with fancy gadgets that’s rewarding to drive. Even when the control arms are shot. Only place they fall short it think is the interior. Oh boy, here comes a rant…The last decade the interiors have looked, felt, and smelled like the accounting department’s xerox machine. The E46 radio controls read “Business CD.” What the hell does that mean?! I can’t listen to Lil’ Jon because this car is a business environment! Strictly business! Not that I would want to. The factory Harman Kardons are downright awful. Worse than Bose in this case. In all fairness, they’re getting better now. End rant…

Anyhow. Im just stating my observation. It isn’t really the car’s fault that it couldn’t go in the snow. It was ultimately the person behind the wheel. Lack of preparation or experience. Those who were proficient, somebody might have  cut them off as they were trying to climb an icy hill. It wasn’t just BMWs either. There were Hondas, Fords, Toyotas, and even Range Rovers that were stuck and left abandoned. Some people had been putting off tire replacement. Its unfortunate what happened Wednesday night but it just goes to show, you can never be too prepared. Another benefit to taking a driving course or fitting your car with snow tires is that it can increase your driving experience. You become more aware of you and your cars capabilities. That can really be priceless in some situations and especially when trying to impress your roundel-badge-driving counterparts at a bar.

Don’t sell your BMWs! They’re great cars really. Sell yourself on some experience!

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  1. My favorite sight was the E92 M3 stuck on 267E near where it meets 66E… Not only did he still have on his OEM Michelin PS2 summer tires.. but they were completely bald! Dude deserved to be stranded for 1) not realizing his car has summer tires on it, 2) not realizing it wasn’t summer, and c) not realizing to check the condition of said tires. Fail.

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