Is the Corvette dash cam incriminating?

We’ve recently seen the new Corvette dash cam, dubbed the Performance Data Recorder (PDR) that records your track session much like a GoPro and also logs vehicle telemetries and positioning via GPS. This allows the PDR unit to do some pretty damn cool things. It logs brake and throttle position, gear selection, vehicle speed, engine speed, traction control selection, traction control engagement, and probably more. This information can be over-layed on your own recorded track session presented in a Forza (or Gran Turismo, if that’s still your thing) type of replay. You can even use tools to see where you’re losing time and how to improve your driving skills. Road&Track has a nice article if you want to really dig in to more of PDR’s capabilities.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the innovation at Chevrolet, especially with the Corvette Stingray, has been incredible and much worthy of applause. This type of in car data acquisition is just want a track day junky would love and what all enthusiasts love to see as performance cars evolve.

But what if this data wasn’t private? What if you take your Corvette Stingray in to a dealer for service and are denied warranty due to accessibility of the stored data? What if the police could pull this data during a traffic stop or if GM’s software has a backdoor to alert local authorities of hooning on public streets or doing that innocent burnout? Should you be worried?


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