Street Fighter SF-01 from Local Motors

Sweet Mother of God, look at this!  It’s the first crowd sourced sports car, and it’s fantastic.  You’ve probably heard about their 3-D printed car, and their Rally Fighter, but this is the SF-01 Street Fighter from Local Motors.  And we’re really excited about it.  Unlike a lot of track-day sports cars, like the Ariel Atom, that are moving towards an elemental frame-surrounded-by-some-mechanical-stuff, the Street Fighter has body panels over the top half of the car, and it’s spectacular.  The contrast of a swoopy aero bodywork across the top and structural bits along the side is pretty striking.  Plus it actually looks like a car.

local motors street fighter sf-01

local motors sf-01
It sports an mid engine front orientation and an inboard suspension which means it can accommodate various engines including Inline 4’s, Inline 6’s, V8’s and more.  Plus it actually has some storage space unlike most track toys.  There is a recessed trunk aft the fuel cell as well as a pair of storage bins nestled above the rear wheels.  Not a GT cruiser, but you can at least pack a lunch for your track day.

And it’s street legal, so you can drive it to the track.  Several COTS (commercial off the shelf) items come together to complete the DOT requirements of the vehicle including:

  • Hella Bi Xenon headlights
  • Dodge Dart tail lights #donttouchmydart
  • universal motorcycle LED blinkers.

Pretty cool.  Congrats to Greg Thompson who penned the Street Fighter and won Local Motors crowd source design contest. We’re especially exicted about the R-Spec version shown on their site.  Now we just have to convince Local Motors to let us drive one once they start rolling out of the microfactory.

local motors sf-01r

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