Lashway Motorsports develop Turbo Corvette Stingray LT1

Lashway Motorsports has developed a turbo kit for the C7 Corvette Stingay that boosts the already powerful LT1 engine to over 600 horsepower using just 6 psi. Now there is a running prototype surfaced on YouTube and can be seen below.

The subtle turbo whistling combined with the LT1’s is a delicious symphony of proven pushrod mechanics and modern forced induction technology. The music of a turbo Corvette Stingray is simply wonderful!

Corvette C7 LT1 EngineFuture turbo Corvette Stingray owners can’t place an order for this kit just yet, but we’ll keep our ears perked for more any continued development. In the mean time, hit play to hear a true screamer, but please excuse the camera person who should win an award for worst videography on the Internet … we assure you, the captured sounds make up for the poor camera work.

The development of turbo kits such as these can be take a very long time. Parts tend to break when greater stresses are added from increased heat or torque. The Corvette Stingray’s LT1 engine has reasonably high compression ratio as it is. The engine is a monster right out of the factory and luckily little boost is needed to achieve large horsepower gains. We wouldn’t be surprised if Lashway Motorsports develops a high psi kit for those who have decreased the compression in their LT1 powered C7 Corvette. As history as taught us, the V8’s produced by GM for the Corvettes are rock solid in the reliability department and make huge power. A turbo Corvette Stingray — that’s what American dreams are made of.


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